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The Flavour Republic

Whole Wheat Choco Chips Cookies

Whole Wheat Choco Chips Cookies

Luscious Taste of Smooth, Velvety Chocolate
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Reasons to Buy

1. Mini Treat to Savour Anytime, Anywhere.

2. Travel Friendly Packaging.

3. Made from premium quality, Whole -Wheat Flour

4. Great snacking option.


Within 2-5 days after placing the order.

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Flavour Republic brings to you delicious Mini Crunchy Cookies with Chocolate Chips made from whole wheat, an enticing combination of healthy nutrition and decadent indulgence. These tiny cookies melt in your mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste. Expertly crafted and baked, these cookies transform the concept of munching.

Our tiny crunchy cookies, which are made with premium whole wheat flour, are a guilt-free treat for everyone who is health-conscious. These cookies, which are loaded with whole grain goodness and provide a significant amount of fiber and other vital nutrients, will make you feel wonderful after eating every bite.