A Republic for the people, by the people, of the FLAVOURS!

Craving for something sweet & crunchy in the middle of the night or want some tangy flavours to kick away the Monday blues. We’ve got you all covered; from Biscottis to Puff-crackers your every craving has a satiation.

The brand "The Flavour Republic" is owned and managed by the company Sweebic Foods Pvt Ltd. It is in the business of manufacturing and selling egg-less handmade baked snacks. Manufacturing facility based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We have achieved our exquisite flavours through extensive sampling and testing of products in every aspect with direct sales to customers for constant taste and quality validation.

Product portfolio includes biscuits, cookies, nan khatai, rusk, savories / baked namkeen snacks, etc. along with the range of customizable hampers for gifting, return favors, festivals and other occasions.

Why TFR?

TFR’s premium products are a staple in the diet of any Indian household. Our products are always in demand. However, what differentiates us from any other store is our promise of quality and taste that makes our products appetizing.

Uncompromised flavours that are healthy and savoury all at once with exclusive quality makes The Flavour Republic stand out from others. With remarkable year-on-year growth - The Flavour Republic is on its way to create a tastier and more joyous world with its powerful flavours!