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Anaar Daana

Anaar Daana

The traditions of flavours, all balled up
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Natural Flavor: Enjoy the authentic, tangy taste of dried pomegranate seeds.

Digestive Benefits: Helps in digestion and provides a refreshing after-meal treat.

High-Quality Ingredients: Made with premium, sun-dried pomegranate seeds and aromatic spices.


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Welcome to the delicious world of Anaar Dana Mukhwas, a refreshing and tangy mouth freshener that brings the vibrant essence of pomegranate to your palate. Anaar Dana, or dried pomegranate seeds, is a traditional ingredient celebrated for its sweet and sour flavor profile and digestive benefits. Our Anaar Dana Mukhwas is meticulously crafted by blending sun-dried pomegranate seeds with aromatic spices and a touch of sweetness, creating a delightful treat that invigorates your taste buds and aids in digestion